What is Cha De Bugre?

What is Cha de Bugre?

Cha de Bugre is a tree native to certain parts of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. It looks much like a coffee bean, and is commonly brewed into coffee. It also known as “Coffee of the Woods” or “Coffee de Mato.” It is a popular ingredient in many brazilian weight loss formulas, but many of those formulas are also thought to contain tranquilizers and prescription amphetamines.

Forms of Cha de Bugre

Those who interested in taking Cha de Bugre can find it in a variety of different forms.

Tea and Coffee: People who enjoy drinking coffee and tea may opt to get a blend that includes Cha de Bugre as an active ingredient.
Pills: Supplements are available featuring this ingredient.
Liquid Extracts: Liquid Extracts are available for you to mix into your own drinks and recipes.
Powder: Powder forms are available for you to mix into your own drinks and recipes.

The natural plant itself may be hard to grow in the United States.

Cha de Bugre Uses

Cha de Bugre is commonly used in weight loss supplements on the market today for the fact that it is thought to: help suppress the appetite, get rid of cellulite, fluid retention, and several other conditions such as cough, viral infections, and herpes.

Read through this website to learn more about Cha de Bugre to see how it can help you benefit your health.